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by Nick O'Shea on 24 July, 2012

Nick O’Shea selected as Lib Dem to stand for Surrey PCC

Local businessman and former district councillor Nick O’Shea will be Surrey Liberal Democrats’ candidate when he stands for election as the Police and Crime Commissioner in November 2012.

Speaking after declaration of the result, Nick said, “I am honoured that so many of the party’s members in Surrey have endorsed my standing in these elections. Now we’ve got to let people know this election in November and that it is wide open. It is all about choosing the best person for this important job – who can deliver the best police and justice service – for the people of Surrey. It’s not about a set of party policies.

“With my experience in management and performance delivery in both the public and private sectors, I have the proven mix of skills and ability to work with the police, justice system and other agencies to give Surrey’ s residents what they expect – safety from crime.”

“All my life I have known police officers, both my father and grandfather having served in Surrey Police force before becoming publicans: a family member is still a serving officer. I am now working with and have the support in my campaign of retired police officers and criminal justice professionals who will ensure that my approach and initiatives are based in sound policies and proven practice, and where we introduce new ideas, they will work.

“Over the next few months, I will be visiting and speaking with residents right across the county to hear what you want from your police and justice services. The plan I put forward as Commissioner will focus on delivering good local policing, reducing crime and supporting people who experience crime – it will address what people want and expect, and with the Chief Constable, I will ensure our goal of a Safe Surrey is delivered,” Nick promised.

Nick is a director of several local businesses in a wide range of sectors as well as a non-executive director with a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. He has a degree in Maths and Chemistry from King’s College London and is a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA). He has worked in finance, sales, product development and marketing with many well-known international companies as well as with small local business owners to help them build their businesses successfully.

He has also spend much of the past three years working with the NHS in Surrey, improving contract management and delivery principally for the NHS dental service.

Nick was elected to Mole Valley District Council in May 1991 when he won the Rural South seat (covering Capel and Newdigate) and was re-elected in 1995. During his period on Mole Valley District Council he was vice chair of the Planning & Development Control and Policy & Finance committees and chair of the Budget committee and DLO board. Nick also served as both Deputy and then Leader of the Liberal Democrats’ council group.

Nick’s family has lived in Surrey for over a century, his Irish paternal grandfather married into a local family when stationed in Caterham during the First World War, while his maternal grandfather was a shoemaker who founded a chain of shops in the Sutton and Banstead area. Both Nick’s father and grandfather served as police officers in Surrey before going into the pub and restaurant trade. Nick lived in many parts of the county as his family moved from Ripley to Capel, then Brockham, Cheam, Merrow, Woking, Old Woking, Abinger Hammer, Betchworth and finally to Dorking.

Nick and his chef wife Marion have lived with their family in Dorking for over 35 years. They enjoy travelling, speak several languages, and until recently were closely involved with running Westcott Sports and Cricket Club, where Nick is now a Vice President.

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