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Use Olympic legacy to fight crime and help victims

by Nick O'Shea on 19 September, 2012

“We should use the volunteering legacy from the Olympic and Paralympic Games to fight crime and help victims,” says Nick O’Shea, Liberal Democrat candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner in Surrey. “I want to see a new programme to recruit more Special Constables and encourage people to come forward to work with charities giving invaluable help to local victims and witness of crime.”

“With 85% of the Police budget going on wages and further financial pressures likely on Police budgets in the coming years, unless something is done about it we are facing a serious reduction of the number of officers on the beat in our towns and villages.

“All our surveys and consultation with Surrey residents tells us that this is a key concern, so recruiting more Specials could go a long way to solving it.

“People who have enjoyed volunteering with the Olympics and Paralympics say they enjoyed it because they feel they made a real contribution to the success of the games. Many of the same skills are needed as Special Constables or working with charities like Victim Support, and I am sure many hundreds of them would find these a rewarding and fulfilling continuation of their recent experience.”

Surrey residents who would be interested in volunteering either as Special Constables or to work with charities supporting victims and witness of crime can contact these organisations direct, or Mr O’Shea who will put them in touch with the relevant organisation. Surrey Police are not currently recruiting Special Constables.

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