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No Police Privatisation

by Nick O'Shea on 2 November, 2012

Many people are worried about privitisation of our police service.
I would not use private sector police on Surrey’s streets.

Liberal Democrats opposed the proposal for Surrey Police Authority to work with West Midlands police and various private contractors in the BPP project from the outset. This project finally cost Surrey residents £160,000 before the Liberal Democrats on Surrey Police Authority eventually got it cancelled in the summer.

I see no place for private contractors in providing front-line police services in Surrey. We can make major savings by working with other police forces, and in particular I want to expand on the present work Surrey shares with Sussex police.

Of course there are services and functions that it makes sense to have supplied from the private sector such as telecommunication, IT and motor vehicles, but even these can be purchased much more efficiently through public sector consortia.

We must find smarter, cheaper ways to provide our policing service if we are not to have major cuts in these services, which I think the people of Surrey would find unacceptable. I am committed to finding and implementing these to that we can improve Surrey police’s clear-up rate and residents can be safe on our streets and in their homes

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